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What to do when you’re too far from the pump BMW doing donuts while shooting AK47 out the window tumblr_nojdfhlc8F1tl7vq1o1_1280 itsrussia_22 rosja_dziwacy_lip_04 Car tries to pass on the wrong side of the road RCArLIo rosdziw09

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itsrussia_22 Paratroopers land on ice block gallery_1436990920_689745 11041781_638607016241461_6229352361068514332_n moldavian-sausage-delivery Bus driver angrily kicks parked car 7137C1AC-43FF-4770-ABEC-F32887274773 Zar0tRb Magick trick fail in Live TV – Poland czech 1391989124_klaaod_600 1051872hbmj