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Driver uses gun to merge into traffic Polish guy hitchhiking through Russia bicycle-sidecar_meanwhile_in_russia Drivers beat up taxi driver for blocking ambulance Drivers try to cheat the line and get caught 1360534911_funny_people_4 Gopnik Style 1387221854517

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adidas5 Meanwhile_bb397f_5331002 dziw_ros_lip09 c629efe8743084469cca9e3fee61d6a5 Trust me I’m an engineer 9463710-R3L8T8D-650-10649577_375225529294114_4827746755435196459_n-968x725 471a69093c530bee095a9e15f31cb656 photosession_in_russia_01-910147678 jHzhfeB 01gra01 7acf42ae20fbb0e72b6d9716ecea4b25 Slav-Squatipede