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Zorka – Czarownica – Disco Polo MebQFb4 g_f5a8481ea739b71512020dad91ad6752_2_1400x1100 Attempt  to escape from the police car? 11081412_1057595200934423_4971362658205040325_n 367 Horse Crosses Street at Pedestrian Crosswalk How to drink shots like a Russian

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SlavicStyle Squatting Slav 13686716_10154591380792439_3554177711127424219_n 14012_1082579901769286_3011402249643600719_n Driver throws away his sunglasses during road rage fight Ani-LoraK-Maxim-Russia-February-6 19J79286 2811f5cf3d6e74d687cdf981942e23c5 rosjafoto_30-20140520230330 503702f77c755a0a49c78306e4130927 3b9d406884_large ross_015 przystojniaczki_016